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Exploring the roof terrace

Rats in Studio Shocker!

Rats recorded singing and playing guitars and drums – an evolutionary first for Dodo Records!

Club Dodo

Summer Scorchio Special imminent

Club Dodo, August 3rd, 7pm, Manhattan’s, Long Eaton. Hip hop meets metal is the theme, with Nottingham legends Def Goldblum, El Gato Fan Club, Umi, Frazer Stanko, plus DJs Synthesis and Gradient.

Club Dodo

Do the Dodo World Cup warmup

In anticipation of the forthcoming World Cup in one of the world’s foremost democracies, Russia, we are proud to announce a night of entertainment themed around the brutiful game.

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Latest Tracks

Dirty Scroungin' Bastards - Gimme Ya Money

Paul Carbuncle - Their Front Pages

AFK - Conviction

Skapete The Uplifter - Myfilhubhyhui

Maia - Your Ghost

Skapete The Uplifter - Lab Rat

El Gato Fan Club - Corporate Decisions

Dirty Scroungin' Bastards - Long Eaton Party Anthem

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